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​All content and artwork shown on this site is ©copyright 2015. Every artwork is property of Carlos Alburqueque. If you would like to use any of my artworks on your site, please read the following 5 basic rules. If you want to use our artwork after reading the first basic rules, please contact us to find out how to purchase licensing rights.
• DO NOT USE OUR ARTWORK ON A SITE THAT MAKES MONEY. You can not use our artwork on your site if you are making money from anyone accessing it. • DO NOT USE OUR ARTWORK ON ANY DOWNLOAD-FREE-SITES. If you have a site to download stuff for "free", you can't use my art. • DON'T MODIFY OUR ARTWORK IN ANY WAY. Do not crop it, add any text to it, or make any kind of collage work from it. If you can not use the image as is, then do not use it at all. Proportional re-sizing is okay. • LINK BACK TO CALBURARTS SITE IF YOU USE OUR WORK. You must place the following text directly underneath the image itself: Image ©copyright 2015, You can either make the image a link back to my site, or make the copyright text a link. Please link it to
CONTACT US ONCE YOU POST OUR IMAGE OR ANY ARTWOK . We like to know where our artwork is being used. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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